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XFMRADIO (8) XFMRADIO (8) Request online @ - Tune in - Where Music Lives! 4 English
Essential Cafe (*)Essential's Main Chat Area(*) 3 English
ECN Frenzy [b][color=blue] (o)(*) Current WORD FRENZY Champ is (a) × наяζєу ×~ with :o 150 points(*)(o) [/color][/b] 2 English
ECN Trivia (*)Essentials Official Trivia Chatroom(*) 2 English
Rainbow Cafe (r)General LGBT Chatroom(r) 2 English
Afterhours (L)General Romance Chatroom(L) 1 English
Espressobar (*)(*)(*)General ECN Chat Area, all welcome(*)(*)(*)(Y) 1 English
fantasista [br][style ff:Arial Black;bgco:#0000FF;co:#C0C0C0;b;]»»--(¯`·.·´¯)--»★~ B l a C k O u T ~♥~ f a n t a s i s t a ~★«--(¯`·.·´¯)--«« [br][style ff:Arial Black;bgco:#000000;co:#C0C0C0;b;]_________♥_from_CHARMY_JUN_♥_F_R_I_E_N_D_♥_S_H_I_P_♥_________ [br][style ff:Arial Black;bgco:#0000FF;co:#C0C0C0;b;]__LET'S PLAY SCRABOGGLE GAME! _Type !ScraBoggle to Play!!__ [/style][br][br] 1 English
The Computer Help Club (*)The Computer Help Club Chat Room(*)(f) We love to solve your Computer problems... (f)..;-) 1 English
xfmhq 1 English
Dance Hall (*)A place to chat and discuss dance topics(*) 0 English
HawkEye's Lounge HawkEye's Lounge Chatroom, Sit down relax and have fun. :D(B) 0 English
iRC 1,51,41,71,8 enjoy iRC 1,81,71,41,5 0 English
Parrots Nest (*)A place for bird lovers everywhere to interact and meet(*) 0 English
VogelChat een gesprek waar kwekers hun babbeltje samen in kwijt kunnen 0 English
~Just Chat~ General Chat Room, Only 2 Rules: Leave the Politics and Religion Topics @ the Door. (No Exceptions) Respect Each Other, Treat Others As You Wish To Be Treated. 1 English
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